Thursday, August 25, 2005

2005 Election

Welcome all

I have created this blog to share my utterances on New Zealand politics, international affairs, social issues and anything that I get particularly passionate about. I am about to emigrate to the United Kingdom, part of the kiwi brain drain, but it is not - primarily - about the Clark Government. The opportunities available to me are bigger, wider, richer and the experience will be a delight.

However, like other bloggers, I have a need to share what i find outrageous, wonderful, amusing and challenging about the affairs of New Zealand and the world.

I am a libertarian, with a capital L - member of the Libertarianz Party, that is because I unashamedly believe in the freedom of adults to interact voluntarily, without force.

I find most of the political competition to be either evil, lost, funny or worthy of respect.

So many people spending so much time when most will not come close to having power, and then why do most of them want power, over you and me? Who would want to lead others?

I will say more about myself soon, as I get the hang of this thing.



Rick said...

Who's evil?

In Australia politics is blood sport- and there are fatalities. Refer Google under NSW POLITICS SUICIDE.

But what evil New Zealand? We have no Hitlers, just Kiwis with some assymmetrical virtue/value tuplets.

So what are you talking about?

(Hmm...Sue Kedgley. Not so sure about her mind you)

Gekko said...

You're emigrating to the UK??? You're shitting me right?

I emigrated from that neo-socialist shit-hole when Labour got back in 1998. Since then govt spending has rocketed and a quarter of the working population are now employed by the state. There are more tax inspectors than total personnel in the UK Air Force and Navy put together. There are more stealth taxes than any other mixed-economy country in the world.
Gordon Brown the exchequer is an old lefty shithead who believes in pretty much the same bollocks as the socialists who are running this country into the ground. In fact the mob over here have pretty much modelled themselves on Tony Blair's 'successful' turd way politics. (I couldn't believe my luck when socialism-lite followed me over here).

I was back there for 6 months this year and couldn't wait to get back here. Labour in the UK are destroying incentives and behaviour standards in general are seriously declining. If you are moderately well-off (and especially if you are single) then you are a walking cashpoint for a massively wasteful and arrogant administration. Sound familiar...? Browns tax credits reach right up into the wealthy upper-middle class earners (just like Labours WFF stuff) in a similar attempt to make the whole fricking country a beneficiary.

The enterprising and optimistic UK of my childhood is long gone, replaced by a cheap, politically correct, shallow, vacuous and spineless dependency culture - the one that tosser Blair likes to call "Cool Britannia". It's purest steaming bullshit.

I hope you have a good time in any case.

libertyscott said...


It IS the likes of Kedgley, Hone Harawira, the envy purveyors who fill the Labour party, who linger around the edges of the National Party (Nick Smith being one) seeking to fill the Muldoonist vacuum, and the CTU

Rick said...


You got yourself a point there fella.

libertyscott said...

Ta Gekko

I'm going because of a job, it's a bloody good one, pays me a good deal more, involves travel, building up a new business and working with eastern European economies. Change of lifestyle too, so...

Gekko said...

Good luck - I hope it all works out.

I like the idea of working with eastern European economies - they seem to be headed in a far better direction that they decaying western part of the union.