Saturday, September 10, 2005

Great questions

PC has some questions that are pretty good -

I am sick and tired of the concern about the Exclusive Brethren - weird fuckers as they are - there is nothing wrong with anti-government leaflets, just like there is nothing wrong with pro-government leaflets. It is ok for the union movement to pour vast amounts of money from its members to keeping the Labour party in power, but somehow wrong for a religious group to do the opposite. grrrr.

The Families Commission is useless - we have had families for thousands of years and they are not more functional because a bunch of bureaurats have been hired to advise on family policy. One of the reasons I would PREFER National governing with just Rodney Hide and a couple of friends for a majority, would be to get rid of this stupid entity. Peter Dunne is NOT commonsense, he is headline grabbing opportunist pablum - he merges with a new party every year on average- no times does it do his party any good - United Future will hopefully be back to a reasonable level of support - 1% - this time round.

My extra questions:

Where is Mary Varnham, and why am I so happy she is invisible?

Whatever happened to Alan Duff?

Why does Headliners still get broadcast?

Who lets their twelve year olds go out at 1am in Courtenay Place unaccompanied?

Why don't Aucklanders tell their local politicians that they wont pay for the billion dollar passenger train system they wont use?

Why doesn't Don Brash point out that Labour were quite happy to have him look after inflation and interest rates for the first two years of their government, but say he can't be trusted on the economy now?

Why does Fiona Mckenzie get excited about United Future at Wellington Central candidate's meetings, when her party doesn't care which party leads the government?

Why do the Greens enjoy oil prices being high, do they just want to feel righteous or do they really hate the private car that much?

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