Monday, February 20, 2006

Muslims in the UK

An ICM poll published in the Daily Telegraph found that 40% of British Muslims want Sharia law instituted in the UK, though 41% oppose it. 20% have sympathy with the “feelings and motives” of the July 7 bombers, although 99% thought it shouldn’t have been carried out (1% did) and 75% don’t have sympathy. Hmmmm.
It is encouraging that Muslims in the UK are split on Sharia law, although 40% is a high figure. Why go to a free country and want to put it under the slavery of religious law? It is more encouraging that 75% don’t have sympathy with the suicide bombers. How about the rest?
This poll can be seen in two ways depending on whether you want to worry about Muslims or not - there is a clear majority not interested in Britain becoming Iran, but a sizeable minority who are against British laws and values - in which case they might wonder why they chose to live here.

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