Thursday, June 08, 2006

European Commission proposes cap on farm subsidies

According to the Daily Telegraph, the British government is opposing a move to cap subsidies for farms because Britain has a disproportionate number of big efficient farms, and this penalises them and discourages the amalgamation of farms. Well it’s true, but it is no reason to not cap subsidies.
The plan is to cap subsidies at a rate of around £207,000 a year, so the likes of the Queen and Prince Albert II of Monaco would be receiving less from subsidies than they do at present for their farms. The Queen gets around £399,000 in subsidies for Sandringham Estate.
The French support this, because most of their farms are small inefficient outfits run by annoying little parasitical socialists. 1880 farms will be hit by this throughout Europe, only 30 in France, 330 in Britain and 1430 in Germany.
It’s a start – the cap on subsidies should be £0.

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