Thursday, June 15, 2006

Green's racist towards America

No, not about Iraq, or global warming - it's Sue Kedgley on TVNZ.
Racist bitch!
In response to the announcement about the government backed consortia launching free to air digital television, moanin Minnie Sue “I hate those fucking Americans and their clothes, and hair styles and..” Kedgeley has come out with a xenophobic tirade on TVNZ saying:
"I'm worried that with 18 free-to-air channels we're just going to see more and more American crappy programmes on our television”
What if she said Maori, Jewish, Indian, French, Samoan or Arab? A bloody uproar - but Americans are fair game - shame if you ARE American and feel insulted by this bottle blonde bitch. Are there crappy American programmes? Of course. Are there crappy New Zealand programmes? Oh hell yes – Melody Rules is now the stereotype for it, and there are plenty more. There are crappy Australian, British, Swiss, South African and Maori programmes. Besides the gutter language she used, what’s wrong with the USA Kedgley? There are EXCELLENT programmes made in the USA as well - but I guess Sue doesn't look at the 75 channels available in most homes over there, Americans make crappy programmes clearly because they have crappy taste - nice language Sue! Yes of course there are trendy lefty chardonnay socialists who agree - let's bash America rah rah rah!
The Greens put out a press release with better language calling for more of your money to be spent compulsorily on subsidising the local TV production industry, actors and directors. Hopefully none have anything to do with “crappy America”. With huge capacity for new channels, the supply of channel space will be enormous, meaning the cost of new production should come down – and people who want to produce local content will have an outlet. Subsidising local TV content is about as dumb as subsidising local newspapers or books – people will watch local TV programmes if they like them – more often than not, they aren’t very good. When they are, people will pay for them.
Then Kedgley witters on “This is why TVNZ needs to take this opportunity to differentiate itself from all these new channels by having a genuinely ad-free public service channel” Why doesn’t she set one up, call for donations and see how she goes? There will be channel space – or is it too easy to force everyone else to pay for it?
She is concerned about the cost of set top boxes, and if people can’t afford them (hey Sue, 40% of households can afford Sky and they aren’t the top 40% by income that’s for sure) then “the Government should provide assistance to New Zealanders who cannot afford to buy the new equipment”. Why? The government doesn’t help people buy radios, or newspapers, why is TV so fucking sacred? (I’m furious now). Why can’t children play instead of watch TV, why can’t adults talk, play games and enjoy life instead of getting some taxvictim funded fucking TV box? Get your filthy racist hands out of people’s bank accounts Sue.
She finishes off with more xenophobic nonsense “I am pleased that New Zealand is retaining the option of New Zealand based terrestrial infrastructure and not relying exclusively on satellite transmission owned by an overseas company. We wouldn’t want to see our entire television network relying on an foreign-owned satellite”. Oh Optus - those Australians – so dodgy – they’ll just wake up one morning and switch off the satellite to say “fuck those Kiwis they'll have no telly because the All Black’s beat us last night, screw the millions in compo we'll have to pay for breach of contract”. Foreign owned – damned different looking bastards with horns growing out of their heads who don’t care about us or our kulcha or the kids.
The Greens and Winston Peters - so much in common at times.


James said...

I sense hostility...something you want to say...? ;-)

libertyscott said...

These people who complain about TV, and technology and people losing touch with communities want to subsidise people sitting in front of a box. grrr :)

R.Fawkes said...

You said:

"Subsidising local TV content is about as dumb as subsidising local newspapers or books – people will watch local TV programmes if they like them – more often than not, they aren’t very good."

I know the main thrust of this post is about the disgusting "anti-America" attitude that's become so fashionable amongst snide politicians the world over who think that by bashing the US they can show how in touch they are with a public that has become weary of George Bush and his war on Terror, and I totally agree with you that this attitude is wrong and opportunistic, but I just wanted to say that I agree with the subsidisation of local television.

Not too a massive extent, obviously I'm not saying nations should devote their entire GDP to producing the next Desperate Housewives or Lost but having an independent national media has become as much a part of statehood today as national stamps and banknotes.

Local media generates a skills require that will keep budding young artists from emigrating.
It provides a way for a nation to express its culture and to show that culture to the world.
After all how many Brits have emigrated to Australia because of Neighbours?

It may sound ridiculous but TV shows like that help break down barriers between nations.
We know that the Aussies don't have horns growing out of their heads because we can't see them on Home and Away...