Monday, July 31, 2006

Carpe Diem

You all probably have someone you love very dearly, whether it be a partner, relative or friend.

I just have one piece of advice, cliché’d though it may be, but it is carpe diem.

Life is finite – enjoy it with the people you love. Seize each day with them as if it is your last.

While often every day may seem like the one before – it wont always be that way. Although often it is easy to get into a routine of expecting things to remain the same, to expect people to always be there, even though you know that it is probably not true. It is always better to live as if you are alive, than to live as if death is upon you.

Some of the people you love the most will be gone one day. The point of your time with them is to savour each moment of being with them, to enjoy what you like, to share that, to smile and to know that this is living.

Sometimes you wake up and find that person is gone, sometimes you get a warning about how terminal life is – you should take that warning.

I can’t blog about politics or philosophy right now. I was going to mention the last Top of the Pops on BBC2, Jeremy Clarkson being considered as Tory candidate for Mayor of London and to expand on Not PC’s great column about collective responsibility for child murders as “we” are responsibe. I had written shreds about these things yesterday. For the moment, I can’t write about such things as they are not important to me right now.


Phil Howison said...

Inspiring and very true words, Scott...

My thoughts are with you.

Rick said...

If you find somebody to love in this world
You better hang on tooth and nail
The wolf is always at the door

What are we talking about again?

Libertyscott said...

Thanks Phil and Rick.

The person concerned is family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott .. all my sympathy .. Sus

Peter Cresswell said...

Condolences, Scott.