Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back in the Blogosphere

Well having a diagnosis and keeping on top of things, I have time with my ill relative. Duke’s C stage colon cancer is serious and well progressed, but not incurable (33% chance of lasting five years apparently). So I will see her in a few months and keep in touch in the meantime and just be there.

I am now more willing to write as I did before. Though less frequently and more focused.


Peter Cresswell said...

Good to see you back, Scott.

I do hope your relative does fall into the 'curable' basket, or at least the 'not incurable.'



Libertyscott said...

Ty PC.

Wont know until oncologists apply their minds to it, which should happen after she is discharged from hospital. However, I have been getting advice, and it has also given me a warning - I probably have the same genetic risk. Less red meat for me!