Monday, October 16, 2006

Charlotte Church show - what a star!

Remember Charlotte Church? Voice of an angel, the teenager who could sing. She grew up amid tabloids following her about getting trollied and being a bit of a tart – well now that she’s grown up, she’s quite something. She has just completed the first run of the Charlotte Church Show – an evening talk show which is remarkably funny. She takes the piss out of the rich and famous, happily lets others do the same and has proven herself to be a comedian and a damned good show host. All at the age of 20!
She is bloody good, she has shown that you don’t have to be a braindead talentless tart with tits to be successful as a young woman on British TV (and that is a big ask). Her series was a success, with Channel 4 commissioning a second series – so good for her. The great British bashing machine has failed to bring her down, she is settled with Gavin Henson, the Welsh rugby player, and actually has some talent.
The last show in the current series did have a killer ending though. Amy Winehouse (yes that is her name) was completely off her face when singing a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”. The recording allegedly took three takes, and Church saves it from being a total disaster, but the editing has kept Winehouse out of most camera shots and she hasn’t been interviewed at all, which is unusual.
So here you go, on Youtube: a talented mature young woman contrasted with a stupid little drug head.

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