Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Liberty - well, no

The group Liberty here in the UK is not far different from the next to non-existent Council for Civil Liberties in New Zealand, which once used to be trotted out by the leftwing (i.e. virtually all) of the broadcast media when it was outraged by some measure that appeared to restrict someone’s freedom. Liberty’s latest campaign demonstrates how little it actually understands about individual liberty, as it fights to force pub owners in the village of Ruddington in Nottinghamshire to admit a patron who they have banned. The eight pubs in the area have banned Graeme Chessum from entering their premises for two years.

Chessum went to the Country Cottage Hotel to complain about the noise, and lost his temper, so the bar owner decided to ban him in order to protect the staff. Liberty believes it breaches human rights regulation, which if it does, is frankly absurd and shows how lost Britain is in terms of property rights.

Pub owners should have the right to ban whoever they want from their premises on any grounds, short of the Police obtaining a search warrant or a bailiff collecting a debt. Private individuals have no right of entry onto private property. There may be an implied invitation, but this can be refused. Liberty should be supporting the pub owners and their private property rights, not an individual who has threatened the staff of one of the pubs.


Southern Gent said...

It is truly amazing that those people think they are advocating liberty, by forcing others to concede private proprty rights.

Would these advocates feel the same way if they were forced to billet delegates for the upcomming Leprosy Conference?

Southern Gent

g&s said...

how about printing the truth

"lost my temper" I actually asked tehm to turn the music down

Threats of voilence, yes the manager of the Hotel Andrew Sturt physuically tried to intimdate me until I warned him that if he laid a finger on me I would place teh matter in the hands of the police.

My wife has complained about excessive noise at the Country Cottage in the past and was threated by Andrew Sturt with a clenched fist.

for over two years the Country cottage has been a noise nuisance and at last the Rushcliffe Council has issued a Noise abatement Notice on the Country Cottage

I have had meetings with senior police officers who are not impressed by either the Country Cottage or the Ruddington Pubwatchj and are wastching them and have made them sign a written charter to prevent abuses of the pubwatch system in the future.

I have been assured by the headof West Brideford Police that the Ruddington Pubwatch will never be able to abuse the pubwatch system like this ever in the future