Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So you think you pay for government?

Stuff reports that Peter Dunne has said that 12% of taxpayers now pay the 39% income tax rate that cuts in at $60,000 per annum. The 1999 pledge card (don’t ask if you paid for that one) said that income tax would increase for 5% of taxpayers. So Labour thinks the top 12% are rich. According to Dunne the threshold should be over $90,000 to retain relativity with the position it was in 2000.
However that isn’t the scandal. That 12% now pay the majority of income tax (51%). How democratic is it then for 82% to be able to dictate what the majority of income tax should be spent on? Why is it fair to talk about all taxpayers as being equal, when 12% carry the majority of the burden of government (I doubt they pay a small proportion of GST, resident’s withholding tax or rates too!).
You might also ask yourself what would happen if half of that 12% decided to leave, and what would be left of the surplus, and the health, education and welfare systems that show how much “love” there is in society? I wonder how Labour would account for that?
Democracy, as usual, simply means that the majority vote for the minority to pay for what they want. This apparently is a scandal when there are ethnic minorities, they need special representative – but who looks after the interests of the minority who pay the majority of tax in a democracy?


Kane Bunce said...

Sounds fun. Oh no wait it doesn't! It sounds like an obvious effect of the property rights abuse that is state theft of our money, i.e.. taxes.

Kane Bunce said...

Oh, and by the way, for personal reasons, I am writing up a report on taxes, their cost, and the benefits of removing them. Would you like to read it when it is done? Note: I of only just begun the research part so it is a long way off. It is also going to be a large one. If you don't want to read it, a summary will appear on my blog.

Libertyscott said...

Happy to read, just email it to me. Especially if it is a long way off, as I am busy through till xmas.


Kane Bunce said...

I have no idea how much research i have to do for it, so I am being safe for now and assuming a next year completition since I also have other things to do, some of which are higher priority.

You know just out of curiosity I am may even email the report to politicians, including Micheal Cullen, to see what their response will be. I expect them to disagree, but how they do it and what reasons (if any) they give interests me.