Tuesday, May 01, 2007


"You're as good as anyone else, and a damned sight better than most"
"Don't ever forget how very very proud I am of you, like a son to me, I couldn't be prouder"
"Don't ever forget how incredibly special you are to your parents, and how much they have given you, they have helped make you into one remarkable young man"
those are things you would say
I am lucky to have known someone who knows the dignity of the self, who doesn't ever let that falter and who demonstrates the same - the quality of not following the herd, of not being concerned of what others think, of not doubting anything about you. No deceit, no pretences, no spin, no weasel words - pure honest passionate humanity, knowing strengths, admitting weaknesses, but not denying the self and what is worthy of that. You taught me what I needed to learn to be able to say "amo". Enlightenment man indeed.
It was...
listening to Bach, Beethoven, Rimsky Korsakov, Wagner
discussing history, politics, education, love and life, people
what I learnt of cultures ranging from Chinese, to Pacific to Jewish.
sharing moments of grief, delight and laughter
while sipping fine Scotch or brandy
looking out upon the harbour or the lights and sky at night
a haven from the world, a beacon that always shone inside me
a place I was welcome, free and which I took with me and is where I always am.
my mentor, my friend, my lifelong inspiration.
the true legacy of one lies in what of oneself is passed onto others
I carry so much of that, and through all the grief and the regret that you were unable to travel out here, it is that privilege that will bring me strength.
I may say thank you, but I know the greatest thanks for you are in seeing me living.
Farewell you beautiful man.

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