Monday, July 02, 2007

Travel today and the friend of Ken Livingstone

Someone left a package unattended on a train I caught today, but it was sorted out - but everyone was reminded about what not to do. It would be fair to say most London residents have become a bit complacent about it all, because thwarted plots are largely ignored. Let's not forget:
- The first plot failed because ambulance staff were vigilant;
- The second plot failed because the bomb failed to go off, possibly because the car pound where it had been taken to was outside mobile phone coverage;
- The third plot failed because the courage of Glaswegians superseded that of the bombers.
On the bright side, the Diana concert went off unaffected (setting aside that the only bright point is that there was no terrorism, as I haven't the slightest interest in supporting such a vapid figure of histort). The Gay Pride festival did too, another potential target.
The station had armed police pointing their semi-automatic weapons towards the floor, and plenty of other police in bullet proof outfits.
It's the 2nd of July, and frankly I can't wait for the next six days to be over. 7/7 is coming up.
Oh and as a side note, Ken Livingstone's friend is visiting Iran. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency He said "The world arrogance is getting weaker thanks to the anti-imperialism movement worldwide, particularly in American countries." He visited Belarus and pledged solidarity with Lukashenko. Swissinfo reports Livingstone's friend said "There are few peoples in the world who endure such strong pressure from the empire as Belarus. In this struggle we are brothers," "The empire which calls us dictators is itself trying to impose its dictatorship on the world.
When will bloggers sympathetic to this thug wake up and smell the blood?

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Brian S said...

And meanwhile in London, Livingstone funds Muslim organisations connected with the Wahhabist sect and praises hotbeds of Muslim radicalism such as the East London Mosque. It is intolerable that this man remain mayor.