Monday, January 21, 2008

Cuba has its election fraud

So Cuba has had parliamentary elections, with a reported 95% turnout, and of course, as it is an election in a state governed for the people - there was only one candidate for each seat.
Great stuff, I am sure the New Zealanders who are prime felchers of the Cuban system will be cheering, and look forward to when New Zealand has a workers' party that can do away with the waste and conflict created by multi-party elections in a liberal democracy. Where are the protests for human rights in Cuba?
Oh and here is Ken Livingstone, the dictatorship admiring Mayor of London, is one of Cuba's greatest fans. Here's hoping Londoners take the chance to give Ken the boot at the ballot box.


Anonymous said...

Call Scott Cuba at 913-515-6071 and tell him he's a lieing ass.

Anonymous said...

We used Scott Cuba for a job and your right. He would never show up like he promised.

I and my wife feel your pain. We should of done something but I regret not doing anything.

Good Luck

Jeremy said...

Scott Cuba and his wife also owns Cuba Diversified Properties in Kansas City, MO.