Thursday, February 28, 2008

The OTHER deniers

Holocaust deniers are well publicised and hassled for their vile beliefs, albeit that they SHOULD have the legal right to hold them and express them.

However there is another group of deniers, the Stalinist deniers. These are the small group of fanatics for totalitarianism that live in the free world, but deny the evidence of the thousands of Russians who suffered terrible ordeals under Stalinism and CONTINUE to deny the evidence of the North Koreans who escape. They claim Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a neo Nazi, they excuse labour camps, executions and political oppression. They treat Saddam Hussein as a hero

They are so radical that even Arthur Scargill, mate of the former USSR, expelled them from his own Marxist party.

It is called the Stalin Society, led by an Indian migrant to the UK called Harpal Brar. He chairs the Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist-Leninist.

That party supports Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong Il.

What bloodthirsty warped scum. Are they deranged, stupid or just plain evil?

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