Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tariana Turia's tribalist bigotry

According to the NZ Herald Maori Party MP Tariana Turia thinks all Maori deserve an apology. What for Tariana? What did I ever do to you?
She, no doubt like many, thinks that Rudd's apology is actually about everyone individually apologising to all Aborigines, rather than what it SHOULD be, which is the Australian federal government apologising to specific victims of its own policies.
Sorry Tariana, there is no collective guilt by people against another people. All Maori are not victims. If Maori want to sue the state for any wrongdoing by it against them individually then they should feel free to do so. However, I think that many New Zealanders could claim the same. The ones let down by socialised medicine, statist education, the non-inheritable superannuation scheme, the miserly socialist ACC scheme, the limp wristed law and order system, the mixed performance Police force, NaZis on Air jackbooted bullying of the past, criminalisation of people committing victimless crimes etc etc. The government could apologise for not delivering what was promised with the money collected by force from the public, and for its coercion against people's lives.
That I'd like to see.
Your ancestry doesn't make you special. You should be judged by what you do and your character, and both are sadly lacking. It has nothing to do with your identified Maori ancestry - that is irrelevant. It is that you're a mystic worshipping socialist nationalist statist, and you and your party perpetuate division, racial judgment and victimhood.


Richard McGrath said...

I totally agree Scott. Your mention of NaZis on Air reminded me of a patient I saw a few years back, who was JAILED in the 1950s for refusing to pay his radio licence fee!

Anonymous said...

Bloody well said, there is a thread on the NZ herald today about this. Why not cut and paste your comment there; would get some mileage.

I added my two pennies worth.. She really gives me the pip, this woman!

Anonymous said...

Q: Apologize for what? Intoducing illiterate stone-age savages to the benefits of civilization?
A: I don't think so...