Monday, May 19, 2008

Advance auction of stolen goods

It's up to virtually NZ$4 billion from Labour and NZ$1.6 billion from National so far according to the NZ Herald, and keep counting.
That's YOUR money they are promising to spend, to bribe you for your vote. Of course, odds are you wont benefit from much of it, but a few of you will benefit a lot.
That's what the election is primarily about, Dr Cullen/Helen Clark and John Key/Bill English trying to convince you that they can buy more of what they think you want, whilst planning to pilfer it from your back pocket in the first place. Ask yourself why those who benefit from government spending SHOULDN'T pay for these things themselves and if they couldn't afford it, what if they got some of their taxes back? If then they wont pay, then maybe they don't want it that much?
Now there is the hope they both will have an auction of giving you your money back, but think how much more you could get back if they weren't auctioning the spending too.

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