Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Endorsement of Edwards boosts Obama

After Hillary's winning of West Virginia, John Edwards's endorsement of Barack Obama should be decisive in confirming Obama's candidacy for the Democratic Party.
John Edwards was an earlier candidate in the Democratic Primary race, but pulled out on 30 January. He had won 19 delegates in the early primaries in January and was considered very much the third place runner. He was Vice Presidential running mate for John Kerry in 2004.
If Obama can shore up those who support Edwards, who is from South Carolina, he may have every reason to weaken Clinton's professed claim on the "white working class". A claim that is implicitly racist (white working class voters wont vote for a black man).
Hillary wont back down though will she? It will drag on, and I am far from unhappy about the contest between two statist believers in big pork-barrel government continuing.

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Callum said...

Hillary's really making much ado about nothing when it comes to WV. Of course it'd go for her, it's very white and poor. It's the type of state that people are moving out of.