Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Libertarianz announce mammoth tax cut

Well, following on from ACT taking the Libertarianz tax policy from the last election of making the first $10,000 of income tax free, Libertarianz have announced a new tax policy with its alternative budget. All the details are here on Pacific Empire, but the key points are:
- First $50,000 of income tax free;
- Abolish GST;
- Public expected to buy healthcare, education, superannuation and insurance against misfortune if they so wish;
- Privatise hospitals and schools by giving away shares in them to the public;
- Privatise other state assets not essential for law and order and defence;
- Proceeds of privatisation to fund residual national superannuation, ACC and invalids benefit obligations, and a three year phase out of the DPB;
- Significantly increase defence spending to rebuild blue water navy and strike capabilities.
So there you go, if you want to send a message to politicians that you want your money back, vote Libertarianz. Although I'd like to know the rate of income tax about $50,000 (it was 15% in the previous policy I believe). Now I'd fiddle a bit with some of these policies, but they represent a bold message of cutting back the state to its core functions.

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