Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lunatic left rabidly against private roads

According to the NZ Herald, Citizens Against Privatisation, a far left ginger group linked to the Alliance has suggested it would blockade a new tunnel built through Avondale if it was build using (shock) private money and built privately. Apparently the fact they wouldn't be forced to use it and pay a toll isn't enough for these fanatics. One Marxist claim is "This PPP is aimed at putting more of the load on to the poor and the working class". Actually if done right, it will be privately funded, private enterprise will operate the road and yes nobody will be forced to use it (absence of force is an alien concept to socialists who believe in forcing everyone to pay for things).
These nutcases, who presumably also claim to be environmentalists sometimes, would rather NON road users pay for it through income tax, than it be tolled. So a new road is built by subsidies from those who never use it. Great!
Now I DO have criticism of the Waterview extension of SH20, mainly because it is overpriced gold/greenplated and should only be built if the benefits exceed the costs or tolls can fund the road. I doubt either are true, which means it shouldn't be built for now. However, I'm happy to let the private sector buy the land and build it and toll it, if it thinks it can make money from it, but I doubt it is true. However if it could, the leftwing lunatics would stop it, because to them "private" is evil. However, they will no doubt align themselves with the equally lunatic Residents Action Movement (who have conspiracy theorists about road policy) and the "make everyone else pay for my water" Water Pressure Group.
Don't tell them there are private cul-de-sacs all over Auckland, they might blockade them with their dribble when they realise how they have existed for decades without them noticing - the outrage, those bloody World Bank IMF international military industrial complex banker types screwing the proletariat again (I'm only half kidding, one of their activists talked with some of that language to me once).

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