Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Manchester endures rioting Glaswegians

100,000 Glasgow Rangers fans arrived in Manchester today, where the UEFA cup final was being held, with Rangers playing Zenit St Petersburg. You might think, yes sensible for a sports fan to travel to the city where a key game is being held.
Ah, they went to watch the game. Well yes, but on big screen TVs. You seen maybe a fifth of the fans have tickets to the match, the rest came to get bladdered and watch the game on big screens in town. Yes, they travelled to watch the game on TV! (yes they could've done it at home or at the pub since it was on ITV(free to air)).
Uh oh.
The city is packed with drunken Scots, it got so bad the city's tramway had to be shut down because it couldn't get the fans out of the way of the trams, despite the whistle and horns that blast very loud. Thousands of Mancunians couldn't get home from work as a result.
The Manchester City Council, believing the event was making a fortune for the city, set up three locations with huge TV screens so fans from Glasgow and Russia could watch the match and party. Then one of the screens fails five minutes into the match. What do the fans do? Throw bottles and cans at the screen (because that will help). Then, the BBC reports "there's Rangers fans throwing balls and cans at each other because the game's not on."(sic)
See Glaswegian soccer fans don't need supporters of other teams to fight, they just fight each other when they're pissed off!
Zenit beat Rangers 2-0, and a Zenit fan was stabbed as the congratulatory gift from a Ranger's fan. The Manchester Evening News website reports only eight arrests, and Greater Manchester Police consider it a success. Frankly, besides the angry crowd around the failed screen, it was!

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