Friday, May 09, 2008

Murderous scum in Burma, whilst China appeases

Take a look at this, Myanmar State TV Channel 3's news reports:

"Chairman of the National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee Prime Minister General Thein Sein who is supervising relief tasks for storm victims in a speedy and effective way in Ayeyawady Division presented 20 sets of TV, 10 DVD players and 10 satellite receivers to Chairman of Ayeyawady Division Peace and Development Council Commander of South-West Command Brig-Gen Kyaw Swe for the storm victims at various camps enabling them to enjoy the programmes at Mya E-ya Hall of the South-West Command this morning"

Yes, it was a priority to get TVs to storm victims. The Burmese military thugocracy has demanded that all aid simply be dropped off at airports and it will then ensure that the party, military and their lackeys will get all they need before the aid is distributed to areas friendly to the regime.
Burma's bullies are being shown on national television (it is a crime for Burmese to attempt to access TV or radio broadcasts from foreign countries) handing out aid, because they want to be seen as the great benevolent force in the country. That's why they want YOUR aid, so they can sustain their blood stained regime. It said it would welcome cash and aid, of course. However, the BBC reports it has turned away flights from several countries, including Qatar (hardly a regime willing to spread democracy and fredom). Apparently offers of helicopters to aid distribution were refused, whereas Burma's own Soviet era military helicopters are limping with inadequate payload or range to be too effective.
Meanwhile, China abides by what Burma says - and gives it aid. Xinhua is not reporting the conditions Burma is imposing. Funny how China refuses to discuss the inadequacy of Burmese distribution efforts, or comment on the refusal to accept foreign search and rescue teams - because, of course, this tinpot dictatorship is so good at it. Yes, you now have another reason to protest against the Chinese Communist regime.

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