Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nepal no surprise

Idiot Savant is surprised that the Maoist Nepalese government is arresting Tibetan protestors according to the BBC.
Tibet, where freedom of speech has been consistently suppressed by, um, the original Maoist government and its successors (although the Nepalese Maoists condemn the current Chinese regime and vice versa). How foolish does someone on the left have to be to believe Maoists are any better defenders of freedom than Nazis? China, North Korea, Cambodia are all great examples!
These thugs waged a civil war in the countryside, engaged in intimidation against free speech and democracy in areas its paramilitaries controlled. Abolishing the monarchy may only be the start of a far bloodier future for Nepalis. However, they were elected so I guess it will be "ok" to the worshippers of democracy, the world seems to turn its back on people who vote for those who don't believe in democracy.

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