Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday Herald advocates intervention in Burma

Its editorial states "World leaders have condemned the junta's response. President Bush called the regime "isolated or callous", and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon registered his "deep concern and immense frustration". But the time for words is past. "
It says the US should take the lead "It should lead a multinational force which intervenes, by force if necessary, and delivers desperately needed aid. It would be a fitting last gesture for President Bush and one which, unlike his invasion of Iraq, the whole world would support and applaud."
Well the whole world wouldn't, there would be many wringing their hands about state sovereignty, but yes. I've been arguing for intervention the last week or so.
Meanwhile Time reports the referendum held on the constitution last Sunday had 99% turnout with a 92% yes vote - and I am waving at the little piggie up in the clouds. CNN reports on continued delays in getting French aid into the country. Contrast this with the heroic efforts in China to respond to its earthquake.

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