Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anderton is right

No I haven't gone mad, Jim's learnt something.
He once would have been a part of the lunatic left, now he's damning the Green Party's silly call for Fonterra to charge people less than the international market price for milk according to the NZ Herald.
Check this quote "It might make the handwringing Greens feel good to say this sort of banal statement but what are they really asking for?" ..."The only sustainable way to price goods is by international markets. Anything less and you are on a slippery and unsustainable slope."
Bloody hell. How can you disagree with that? That was Jim Anderton, the man who fought Rogernomics, who set up the New Labour Party and the Alliance.
Then he says "The only sustainable and sensible way to help Kiwi households meet their food bills is to grow the economy and provide better pay, more jobs and tax relief such as Working for Families."
Besides Working for Families (which isn't tax relief, it's middle class welfare), he's right again, a growing economy and tax relief is the best way to help Kiwi households. We'd disagree on the government's role in that obviously, but it shows how distant the Greens are from mainstream politics and reason.


richard mcgrath said...

Well done Jim - there's hope for you yet!

Anonymous said...


I think aliens must have abducted Jim and are now controlling his mind.


"that's life Jim but not as you new it"