Monday, July 07, 2008

A broadcasting policy

If I were Broadcasting Minister.

Step 1: Sell TVNZ - give away 51% of the shares to the public, sell the other 49%
Step 2: Give away shares in Radio NZ to the public. Allow it to sell advertising, sponsorship or subscriptions.
Step 3: Abolish NZ On Air and Te Mangai Paho.
Step 4: Give away Maori TV and radio, and Pacific Island Radio, and Access Radio by giving away shares to all New Zealanders.
Step 5: Abolish the Broadcasting Standards' Authority, regulating broadcasting on the same basis as publications.
Step 6: Convert broadcasting frequency management rights into full blown property rights.

Note, all to be completed or commenced within one parliamentary term.

The state should not own or control any of the means of communication with the public.

Note, you'll never ever ever hear any serious balanced debate about abolishing public broadcasting on Radio NZ - which, of course, destroys any of their claims for being balanced and presenting all points of view.


Elijah Lineberry said...

Giving shares to the there is an idea!

I must confess..(for purely snobby reasons) would be a shame to have advertising on Concert FM, but yes, gosh, have to face economic realities if Radio NZ is sold, I suppose.

Libertyscott said...

Elijah. Yes but you could, with other Concert FM fans, run it as a charitable outfit, and with digital technology it could be subscriber based without ads. I DO sympathise, I feel the same about a couple of BBC stations here.