Thursday, July 10, 2008

Posh isn't that posh

Victoria Beckham flying Air New Zealand (according to The Sun)?

Seriously, how poor is that!

Now I'm not saying Air New Zealand is bad. She would have flown Business Premier, which is one of the better business classes around.

However that is my point - it is BUSINESS class. A class that anyone one a high income can afford. Air New Zealand has no First Class.

What the hell is she doing flying LA to London on business class?

She should be on a private jet - it's how Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne travel between California and London. Is David getting too cheap?

Even if that wasn't available, how about first class? BA and Air France both have perfectly reasonable First Class cabins on direct flights on that route. United and American also have First Class, but Air NZ would be as good.

Oh and so why is this in the news in the first place? The flight had a bird enter an engine before takeoff so was cancelled and she was allegedly in "airline pjs and no makeup" which wouldn't do to return, and it wouldn't do to be bussed to the terminal (yes read the Sun if you care). Now I know Air NZ doesn't have pjs (unless this is a very new and welcome addition to the service), so she was taking used airline pjs!

Anyway, unless there is some record shortage of private jets, this is not the way someone of her wealth should be travelling. It's how I travel.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I wondered about the story too. Air NZ Business Premier is very good (miles ahead of American or United), but never been given any pyjamas. Qantas now give them out in Business. And quite a step down from a private plane.