Monday, July 28, 2008

What do the Greens fear?

So the Greens have blogged about nuclear energy, typically using "we" phrases as if the Green Party speaks for what everyone thinks and does.

Its statement below is one I don't necessary disagree with in part, except it rather inanely draws a conclusion that means the opposite of what is Green policy.

"Given that it is easy, even here in NZ, to get private finance to line up and support renewable energy projects, without a penny of government subsidy, one has to wonder why we continue to buy into the hype that nuclear is the way to go. The economic rational simply does not exist. With peak oil and climate change breathing down our necks, it is time to take decisive action. Action that can stand the test of time, sustainably." (sic) (can't this lot use English properly?)

Well if the economic rationale for nuclear doesn't exist, then there shouldn't be any legal impediment to nuclear energy being developed in New Zealand should there? If the argument against nuclear is economic, then set that argument free to be tested.

Secondly. If "renewable" energy apparently is economically viable as the statement implies, why take action at all?

Of course the truth is that the RMA stymies the development of the most viable and renewable electricity source - hydro.

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Anonymous said...

ah yes the anti nuclear stigma. rampant as every by eco-luddites

I'm sure France disagrees with the Greens.