Wednesday, September 03, 2008

EFA has chilling effect on election campaign

According to the NZ Herald, Dr. Helena Catt, head of the Electoral Commission, has said in a speech that the Electoral Finance Act "has had a chilling effect on the extent and type of participation in political and campaign activity." This is due to the uncertainty surrounding the regime, and the difficulty in interpreting the legislation.

None of that is a surprise.

As we approach the final two months before the general election it should send chills down the spines of all New Zealanders, except those who want Labour to win no matter what. It should also tell National that it should repeal the Act in full. It is time for elections to be events of volunteers choosing to fund political parties and campaigns as they see fit, and the unabashed envy of the left (and its derogatory attitude that its supporters can have their votes bought by advertising, when it buys their votes with future taxes) should be consigned to history.

At the end of the election, it is up to an individual to choose to vote - and nobody cares less that so much of the mainstream media is biased towards statism.

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