Sunday, September 21, 2008

Excellent North Korean travelogue

Ex Expat (Stef) has some excellent posts and photos from North Korea, showing you much much more about this Orwellian hell hole. It's an excellent travelogue, well written with great photos (and I've read a few in my time). So go forth and see what this totalitarian anti-capitalist part of the world is like...

The border with China...

Part 1 The trip there
Part 2 Children's Palace, Pyongyang
Part 3 Yanggakdo Hotel Pyongyang with Anchor butter
Part 4 DMZ from the northern side
Part 5 Kaesong
Part 6 May Day
Part 7 Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum
Part 8 Mt Myohyang and the International Friendship Exhibition
Part 9 buildings and monuments in Pyongyang

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Stephanie said...

Why thanks for the linky love. I've got three more posts to write.