Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Honour among thieves?

Thieves being Labour and NZ First politicians of course (not that they have a monopoly on this).

Owen Glenn's evidence is damning.

How utterly determined are these suckers from people's bank accounts to remain in power? How little self esteem do they have when they don't have power? What better reason is there to throw them in the dustbin of history?

Why do the good people of Mt Albert think that woman is worthy of representing them?

NZ First and Labour have acted inappropriately, in ways that would have outraged either party had National done the same.

Not PC has it part right. Clark will need to call an election anyway. However, serious questions need to be answered. Winston's credibility now resides only in his geriatric personality cult, and this should ensure his political oblivion. Mike Williams must go to save what's left of the Labour Party's honour, he is the sacrificial lamb Clark must demand. She must apologise, call the election and answer the questions as to why the Labour Party has retained power through sheer hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, maybe Nicky Hagar will write a book about it? Oh no, wouldn't be convenient now would it?

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