Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jeremy Paxman - world class interviewer

He is the one reason to watch Newsnight on BBC2 when he is the presenter.

Can I only wish that TVNZ or TV3 could have someone who could interview politicians like he can:

Try this (BBC not allowing embedding of this) of Michael Howard. Go for 2.40 onwards. The evasion is blatant, and Paxman does not relent.

Or Paxman confronting Sinn Fein MP Martin McGuinness over his denial of involvement in the IRA

Resisting the dumbing down of news here:

Confronting the vile fan of brutal dictators George Galloway:

A collection of him not getting straight answers from politicians and persisting:

And finally a portion from "Have I Got News for you" showing Paxman presenting the weather grudgingly and brilliantly:

Imagine anyone on NZ TV today who would dare be half this adventurous and confrontational.

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