Tuesday, September 09, 2008

National to axe Families Commission?

Yes yes, I'm in raptures, one bureaucracy to go. Yes one, at least something to grapple onto that is a positive change of National compared to Labour. Lindsay Mitchell was getting excited too, until...

Key decided to rebalance it.

Peter Dunne, who should hopefully be back to being the sole MP for his party once more after the election (after all voting United Future has twice meant supporting Labour in power), said it only cost $9 million (of other people's money) over four years. He says its work would "still need to be done by other agencies" if it was abolished.


Peter, YOU damned well pay for it.

Again National disappoints. Is it just Labour's so bad we are all to put up with more Labour policy tweaking than any real steps forward? Why can't the newest most asinine bureaucracies be wound up?

Why is my tag "National party disappoints", growing weekly?

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