Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TV debates

TV3 is a private company, it has every right to determine how it wants to hold debates. I don't get to see them so it is neither here nor there for me.

TVNZ is state owned. It should hold several debates. It should hold at least one of the two leaders who are likely to be Prime Minister. It should hold one of all the political party leaders of those in Parliament. It should also hold one of all of the political party leaders of parties registered. There is no good reason for state television to be discriminatory or exclude, indeed it should go out of its way to avoid that.

Clark vs Key is critical, but should not be the only debate. Clark should face questioning from the likes of the Greens and the Maori Party. Jim Anderton should be able to differentiate himself. Peter Dunne and Winston Peters exposed for being toadies of Labour, and Rodney Hide to hold John Key accountable. Finally, a forum for all party leaders, big and small, to present what they believe in would be worthwhile. Yes of course that includes Libertarianz, but if there is going to be state owned TV it should be impartial.

Non state TV channels can do whatever they like - it's called property rights.

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