Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Helen uses the budget deficit

Economy tight?

Ah who cares - borrow from future taxpayers to get your own plane to shuttle you to a Grey Power meeting, as the NZ Herald reports the PM asking the air force to fly her to make a speech.

So taxpayers pay for her to fly to make a speech - but it isn't electioneering no!! Glad to hear it, John Key can expect the same thing then can he? He just needs an invite as Leader of the Opposition. In fact Rodney Hide should get one as the MP for Epsom.

More Labour fleecing the taxpayer to go do some electioneering in anything but name.

The leftwing Muldoon/formerly Winston supporting Grey Power didn't mind either, no doubt because most of them will be dead by the time the taxes need to be found to pay back the deficit, and they all worship nanny state providing retirement, health care and everything else.

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