Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Labour candidates 44-40 underwhelming

In my ongoing series of Labour candidates, I cross into those who are actually in Parliament - the ones that Labour needs re-electing to be in power, and a sad lot they are. None of them I believe will be re-elected:

Lesley Soper - Invercargill - number 44: Profile, photo, no website on site. Lesley is the first list MP I have profiled, having entered Parliament following the resignation of Georgina Beyer. She's a unionist (yawn yawn what a surprise), having worked for the primary teacher's monopoly and unaccountable pay rises union (NZEI).

She believes in Southland, but I had NO idea that it is the DIARY capital of the country. I must get a new diary next time I am down there. Why? Well she says :"the whole province has done well under the Labour-led government, from education and health to jobs, to diarying expansion & oil exploration, to a new CourtHouse , to an international-class Sports Stadium". Diarying indeed! An MP who values education!

She's a list MP, so if Labour does as well as last time, she's in - but Invercargill? It's a National seat, Eric Roy took it last time with 49.5% of the vote, against Labour's Wayne Harpur on 43%. Bear in mind Mark Peck held it until 2005 when he retired. So Soper will be trying to win, but her chances are low. Party vote last time was won by Labour on 45.2% against National on 39.5%, so she should be focusing on holding that. Prediction: Soper will be looking for another job, she wont unseat Eric Roy and Labour wont do well enough for her to be elected on the list.

Louisa Wall - Tamaki Makaurau - Number 43: Photo and profile, but no website on the party site. She doesnt appear to have a website for campaign too. Louisa is another list MP, known for her netball. She got into Parliament because of the retirement of Ann Hartley.

Louisa's profile states she "gained a Masters degree in Social Policy in 2001. I have used this degree to advance the needs and aspirations of Maori working within public bureaucracies as a Maori specific representative." Oh dear, so she loves advancing people who are unproductive in a "Maori context", just what Maori need - encouragement to live off of the back of others!

For Maori to have an MP who stands for self reliance, success, education, reason, entrepreneurship and getting the state off their backs. Well it isn't Louisa. Yes she is young, successful in sport, Maori and lesbian - but that isn't enough to consider passing laws and spending other people's money. Tamaki Makaurau was won by Pita Sharples with 52.4% of the vote against John Tamihere on 41.2%. Louisa will surely struggle against Sharples. On the party vote Labour got 55.1% the Maori Party 27.5%, so she'll mainly be campaigning for that, which frankly is the main way she may get re-elected. Prediction: Louisa will be looking for another job, she wont win Tamaki Makaurau, and the party vote wont quite be enough.

Dave Hereora - Papakura - number 42: Profile, photo. Dave Hereora is one of the least impressive MPs of all. Nobody knows him, he is a list MP and just another unionist.

This on his profile is difficult to comprehend: "Having canvassed the Papakura electorate, of the number of issues raised, crime is highlighted as a concern relating to the recent raft of incidents within the wider South Auckland area." OK, you know Labour has been in power for nine years. Crime highlighted relating to the raft of incidents???

"Although statistics show a drop in crime, I am continuing to work alongside the Police in support of their presence and have attended, along with the schools and community, the opening of the Awhi Centre in Smiths Avenue. I am also working closely with Mayor Penrose and meeting and visiting local retailers to improve their networking and safety procedures. " Meeting AND visiting, because an MP can teach you networking and safety.

What a genius, talent and there aren't enough unionists in Parliament are there?

Dave is standing for the new seat of Papakura against Judith Collins, who is the incumbent from Clevedon. Dave will struggle against Judith, but it isn't ruled out. As we move further up the list, that may be where his chance lies, but don't forget, others lower on the list have higher chances of winning electorates. Prediction: Dave will be looking for another job.

Martin Gallagher - Hamilton West - number 41: Profile, photo and well yes Martin is an electorate MP since 1999. "I am seeking re-election to parliament because of my absolute commitment to social justice." Another bloody thief - social justice meaning those successful get money taken from them to pay for those who are not.

"I want to be part of a Government that recognises and promotes our uniqueness as a society and takes our values of peace and fairness to an international stage." Pass the bucket. Save me, can't any of these tossers write anything substantive? Peace? Fairness? Surely more can be expected from a former Deputy Mayor, a member of the multi millionaire Gallagher family? Guilty about success so much he is part of government sucking success out of others.

So Hamilton West was won by Martin in 2005 with only 45.9% of the electorate vote against National's Tim MacIndoe on 43.5% - 825 votes in it. So it is marginal, as is the party vote with Labour on 41.3% and National on 40%. Tim MacIndoe is standing again for National, so Martin faces a serious challenge. Again the list position isn't that high if those higher up win their seats as some may do. Prediction- Martin Gallagher will be going back to the family business.

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