Sunday, October 19, 2008

Labour's talent continues numbers 24-20

Yes people, I haven't forgotten getting through the Labour list. So...

Sua William Sio – Mangere – number 24: Profile only (and facebook). Nothing about Sua on the profile but “I will strive with you to build a strong, safe, inclusive and vibrant society where we are united in our diversity. A society where our children receive the best opportunities to achieve economic independence and reach their fullest potential. Where our families will access to jobs with incomes that will sustain them into the future. Where the elderly, sick, disabled, destitute and weak are protected and supported with access to affordable housing, education, healthcare, and transportation.” Now this was David Lange’s electorate and Taito Philip Field’s so this will be more interesting. Field got a staggering 70.6% of the vote in 2005, with Labour getting 72.9% of the party vote. Against that, Clem Simich wasn’t getting more than 13% and National 13.6%. So the issue is whether Sio can unseat Field. Field’s personal standing is clearly high, but without Labour it will lose a lot of cache. Prediction: I don’t want to say too close to call, but the record of incumbent independents holding on in NZ is rather poor. Field has no support outside his electorate, but his electorate has uncharacteristically strong support for him. The question is whether Mangere votes for the man or votes for Labour - I suspect more will tick Labour and Sio, than remember Field.

Mita Ririnui – Waiariki – number 23: Profile and photo. Mita is a sitting list MP. “My parents instilled very strong religious and political views in myself and my 9 siblings and I believe it has been through this, that I made my transition into politics.” So he hasn’t changed his views from them? Good to know he questions his own orthodoxy. Hmmm.
I began my adult working career in the private sector, working at numerous levels. I then shifted into the public service in the early 90’s and progressed until deciding to enter into politics.” Hmmm not a great path really.

My main focus is Maori development, whether it is through Treaty Settlement, developing and providing quality health, education and social services or any other facet of public service and politics. Maori development has been and will always remain my main focus within politics.” Which is, of course, why you want him elected on the list vote, which will be what happens again. Mita believes in big government, nothing new or exciting there. Mita lost this seat to Te Ururoa Flavell of the Maori Party in 2005, by 54.6% to 39.5%, a rather substantial margin. Though Labour did get 53.1% against 30.8% for the Maori Party. This is unlikely to be reversed. Prediction: Mita wont unseat Flavell, he'll be another Labour list MP.

Sue Moroney – Hamilton East- number 22: Photo, profile and believe it or not she is an MP! Yes, who’d have thought, she did so much. She is an another ex trade unionist, and trainer of health and safety personnel. “ I am committed to constantly improving our public health system. I am also a keen advocate of the need to improve wages for all hard-working New Zealanders.” Which she thinks is about making bosses pay more, the petty Marxist that she is. “In my first term of Parliament I have ensured that all workers get the right to decent breaks at work. I have also secured $4m of Government funding for Stage II of the Waikato Innovation Park at Ruakura and $9.8m for the clean-up of Te Aroha's toxic Tui Mine.” Really? Because those slave bosses make it so hard for them? Oh or is it the 30-40% of taxes taken from them to pay for what you want to spend their money on. Oh dear, she’s not the brightest spark. Take this from her maiden speech (yes she is currently a list MP):

"Strictly speaking, the term political correctness means the correcting of power. Power is corrected when rights and recognition are given to those who previously didn’t have them and this has the effect of taking power out of the hands of the few and putting it in the hands of the many. Therefore, when I hear people complaining about something being “politically correct” I know that they are worried it will pass some power onto another group. It’s called power sharing and I’m all for it."

She likes power. You must wonder why anyone would want power over anyone else. National’s David Bennett took this seat from Dianne Yates in 2005, with 51.1% of the vote against 36.8%, so Moroney has little chance. National won the party vote on 45.4% against Labour’s 35.5% as well. Prediction: Moroney will be a list MP, again, sadly.

Raymond Huo – number 21 list only: Profile only, no photo or website link (but he does have a website). Raymond is a Chinese born lawyer. “Raymond believes the Labour Party’s vision of strong and inclusive communities is important to everyone given that it promotes understanding between the diverse groups that cal New Zealand home. His professional background and track record helps bridge the now Asian community and the wider communities.” So if you’re a Chinese candidate it is only about diversity, not policies, not trust, not a vision of what government should and shouldn’t do? Hmmm nothing much to see here. He’s clearly a clever guy, but what does she stand for, other than he’s not a petty Marxist unionist like most of his comrades will be. He immigrated from Beijing in 2004 – it would be interesting to know why. Raymond's website says that he supports Labour because "They have a vision of building a strong and inclusive community and I share that passion". I hope he hasn't joined Labour because he thinks you need to join the ruling party to get anywhere in politics. Prediction: He’s in on the list of course.

Jacinda Ardern – number 20 list only: Profile and a website called She is working for the British government using my money! It’s so clever, it pretends to help overseas kiwis vote then says “We'll throw our hands up now and declare that we're biased. Here at kiwivote we support a labour led government. They're better by far.” Oh those big Labour banners fooled me. “A job that will continue when she heads back to New Zealand to run as a candidate in the Waikato.” Funny that, she isn't an electorate candidate.
Over the past few years I've been lucky enough to travel the world working in international politics” doing what?? “We must continue to play an active role on the world stage, through a strong and independent foreign policy, and we must work to strengthen and protect our clean, green environment.” Oh an ambitious anti-American greenie, nice. Just what those successful expats want, someone voting for New Zealand to become more leftwing, like the UK! Prediction: She’s going to get elected, a young leftwing Labour MP. Can't have too many of those of course!

My overall sensation is why? Why do you all want to run other people's lives? What do you gain from wanting to do things to people, spend their money, regulate? Why oh why? At least not all of you are unionists.

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