Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zimbabwe writhing like a tortured corpse

The world turned away for a while, after Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai signed a power sharing deal - a deal that seemed incredible to most of us, that the murdering tyrant would surrender any real power to his popular nemesis. I wrote at the time that I feared Tsvangirai being cauterised like Mugabe did to Joshua Nkomo in the early 1980s. Mugabe wants Tsvangirai for two reasons:
1.) To shut up the international community and present the facade of power sharing, whilst maintaining a monopoly grip on power;
2.) To obtain booty in the form of loans, aid and trade from the world to boost his destroyed economy, claiming credit for as President for the revival, and being able to damn Tsvangirai if it goes wrong.

Tsvangirai isn't playing ball, much to the chagrin of Mugabe and his idiot mate, Thabo Mbeki.

Mbeki remains confident, he can't see why his murderous mate can't have what he wants, and can't see the absurdity of a negotiation between a murderers and the one leading the victims, led by a friend of the murderer.

Mugabe chose to hold onto defence, foreign affairs, home affairs (Police, courts, media, local government, land policy and the mining sector) and offered to hand over finance. Tsvangirai insisted on also having home affairs. He could not countenance the corrupt judiciary, electoral system and police forces remaining in the hands of the man who used them against his own people.

The Economist writes that Mbeki should stand down, as he is a lame duck politically, and that Kofi Annan should step into the mediating role. Meanwhile, 80% of the population is unemployed, a quarter of the population has fled across the porous borders, the media remains tightly under Mugabe's control, spreading lies about the negotiations, and people are on the verge of mass starvation.

Inflation is 231 million % per annum. That's over 5% a day, every day, cumulative. Doesn't sound much? That means prices double in just over nine days. After another six weeks, prices have gone up tenfold. In another 6 weeks it is one hundred fold.

Zimbabwe is sadly an ongoing disaster, and more power to Tsvangirai if he can hold Mugabe to account - but it still shows the place will be better when the old tyrant has a bullet through his skull, and his murderous comrades can be strung up and their ill gotten gains given back to those who they stole them from.

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