Wednesday, November 05, 2008

0330 GMT: Still no landslide

Iowa for Obama with 7 electoral votes is another switch from the Republicans in 2004, no doubt because Obama backed agricultural subsidies!

Texas, Mississippi, Kansas, Arkansas, Utah for McCain with 34, 6,6,6 and 5 respectively. All solid Republican states.

Popular vote is still 49% McCain, 50% Obama. Again, hardly a landslide.

Obama 207
McCain 135

Senate- 52 D, 36 R, 2 independents for Democrats (4 go from R to D)
House- 149 D, 91 R (218 for majority) (9 go from R to D)

Obama should win, given projections for Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa for him. However, I didn't think I'd need to be waiting up this long to get the result.

It remains painfully close in many states.

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