Monday, November 03, 2008

Electoral Finance Act strikes again

The sycophantic bottom feeders who inhabit the world of the Labour party didn't listen when people from left and right told of how the Electoral Finance Act would suppress political speech.

So how will they react with the report from the NZ Herald that Rodney Hide has now received a letter from the Electoral Commission stating that his yellow jacket might be an "election advertisement" requiring an "authorisation statement".

Never seen Helen Clark's red clothes needing one of course, but she doesn't have a logo on it. Hide has the ACT logo on his jacket.

Apparently some tiny minded little prick made a complaint in July about it. Rodney is ignoring it, thankfully.

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Sus said...

I wouldn't be ignoring it, if I was Rodney. I'd be pouring scorn on the EFA, ridiculing it for all it was worth.

Ridicule is a grossly underrated & underused weapon. The left, in particular, hate it.