Monday, November 03, 2008

Grey Power is red

Lindsay Mitchell has written an excellent piece on "Grey Power" that Muldoonist statist group of greedy grey grizzlers who constantly lobby for the state to give them more, whilst moaning about having to pay for it.
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As she says:

Grey Power epitomises the pursuit of privilege. They cleverly cover this by tugging on the heartstrings with cases of elderly people shivering in their cold homes, suffering on hospital waiting lists. All the while thuggishly pulling the guilt lever on those who have not yet reached that lofty position of having 'paid taxes and served their countries all their working lives'.

One of the greatest leaps forward for New Zealand would be to declare that the state WONT provide you with a retirement income if you are currently under a certain age, and in return for that here are your taxes - go forth and save, invest and make provision for yourself if you so choose.

Grey Power is against that - it supports the intergenerational fraud that is PAYE National Superannuation.

Moreso, it has provided succour to that aging purveyor of bigotry Winston Peters, but was too stupid to support him in 1999 after he had implemented the abolition of the superannuation surtax - a cause that WAS worthy because it taxed those who had made provision for themselves and because Jim Bolger promised to abolish it in 1990 but didn't.

Many elderly people live dignified lives that they saved up for, and only expect the state to provide the healthcare they've been forced to pay for. It's too late for them to do anything else, but they could at least stop lobbying for the nanny state that has so overwhelmingly let them down time and time again.

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