Monday, November 03, 2008

Labour lackey gunning for Maori Party

Remember Gregory Fortuin? The sickeningly leftwing former Race Relations Conciliator hand picked by Labour who resigned after he offered to mediate in the political dispute between factions of the Alliance at the time. This was in 2002 when the Alliance split between Jim Anderton's Progressive Party and the Alliance. Fortuin foolishly thought that being a quasi-judicial public servant meant no conflict of interest in helping the government's coalition partner!

He's a professional bureaucrat, now a member of the Families Commission, but he can't keep his mouth shut.

He's interfering in politics again, maybe it's something he learnt from his beloved ANC - which is well known for how corrupt it works within South African politics.

Fortuin is predicting, foolishly, that the Maori Party will win all of the Maori seats and in his article in the New Zealand Herald is all for it. This wont win him friends in Labour.

This identity-politics defined simpleton thinks that because it is the "Maori Party" it represents all Maori - because, of course, a race can only have one political view.

He calls for "sustainable constitutional arrangements that will endure no matter who's in government or whatever happens to our demographics" which is fine, except he doesn't say what this means.

He goes on about nation building and:

"What we need is harmonised diversity; many strings on one guitar making music together. The challenge is to develop the single hymn sheet"

No talk of individuals, and individual diversity. No. He can't think outside group speak.

However surely what is more telling is that this Families Commissioner is endorsing a political party. Good to see public sector neutrality in New Zealand - somewhere.

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