Thursday, November 06, 2008

Libertarianz pro-cycling? sure

When Cycling Advocates’ Network asked political parties what their policies on cycling are, Libertarianz had a very easy response. Cycling isn't special.

You see the question was:

Do you support increased provision for cycling through policy, funding or implementation?

So the answer is, yes, if people choose to fund it. It is no if it is about forcing people to fund it. Cycling is a great activity if you like it, cyclists share road space which they don’t pay for (except for rates on local roads) and if cyclists or others want to pay for bike paths, lockers and the rest, then there shouldn’t be barriers on them doing so.

However CAN was looking for subsidies. It wants to make you pay for cycling infrastructure, whether or not you are a cyclist or want to support it. It is no different from asking general taxpayers to pay for roads, electricity or telecommunications - those are all subsidies – and in fact Labour has subsidised all three.

Libertarianz wont make others pay for cycling facilities, but it wont make cyclists pay for what others use too. Cyclists shouldn't pay to subsidise buses with their rates, or to subsidise roads used heavily by trucks. No other party will do that.

After all, what should cyclists expect from the government?

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