Sunday, November 02, 2008

State radio openly biased

Not PC points out, the "impartial, balanced and independent" state radio - that you are forced to pay for - has a political editor who is willing, a week out from a general election - to openly call Libertarianz "nutbars".

Now Liz Banas can believe whatever she wants. We all know John Campbell of TV3 is a raving socialist, but you don't pay for TV3, you don't own TV3.

You do own Radio NZ and you are forced to pay for it, whether you listen to it, or not.

It's a mockery of the so-called independence - which of course Labour, the Greens and others on the left say is the hallmark of "public broadcasting".

Liz Banas has proven she isn't impartial, independent or balanced. Many of you may think Libertarianz are "nutbars", but as Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton points out "All parties other than Labour ought to be concerned when a week away from the election, it is clear the RNZ political editor isn't afraid to let her political views get in the way of her job".

Who else does she think are nutbars, who does she not think are nutbars, how can anyone have confidence in her editorial decisions?

Moreover, why should we be forced to pay for a broadcaster that hires people who clearly wouldn't care less about sabotaging a political party's campaign?

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