Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US ballot measures worth watching

One side of the US elections are state based referenda on many issues. There are few this time compared to recent years. So courtesy of CNN - here they are.

Measures I would support:
California - Parental or guardian notification of abortion sought by a minor
Colorado - End affirmative action
Maryland - Allow video lottery
Massachusetts - Repeal state income tax
Michigan - Allow medical marijuana
Michigan - Allow stem cell research
Nebraska - End affirmative action
South Dakota - Limits on abortion to 20 weeks, and cases of mother's health
Washington - Allow doctor assisted suicide

Measures I would oppose:
Arizona - Ban on gay marriage
Arizona - Ban on hiring illegal immigrants
Arkansas - Ban on gay couples adopting children
California - Ban on gay marriage
Colorado - Human life defined as from moment of conception
Florida - Ban on gay marriage
South Dakota - Limiting abortion to rape/incest and health of the mother

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