Wednesday, November 05, 2008

USA - it IS the man in the mirror

So a majority of those who voted want change.


Why do you think that one man, with a lot of power, is going to make that change? You do not live in North Korea, where everyone is taught they owe everything to one man and his son. You live in a country where life is what YOU make it.

If you want to change your community, you do something about it. Use YOUR money, your time, why do you think the Federal Government would be more effective?

If you want everyone to have health care, what are YOU doing about it? Why don't you sponsor another family to have health insurance, or is it better for the Federal Government to force you to do it?

If you want to be better off, what are YOU doing about it? Retraining? Are you looking for new opportunities?

Is the Federal Government in your way, or does it help you? Most of think it will help you, most of you probably didn't think how in order for it to give, it must take away.

So as much as I am loathe to quote Michael Jackson it IS about the man (and woman) in the mirror.

If you're worried about global warming, drive less, use less electricity, fly less. You can choose to do that. If you're worried about people less fortunate than yourself, give them money, work for a charity, do something direct - voting is possibly the most useless thing you can do.

The Federal Government can change a lot - it can spend more of your money, it can withdraw from the world, it can cease to give a damn about what happens in other countries. However if you want your life to change, it's up to you - if you spend your life worshipping the idea that someone else is your saviour, then don't be surprised when nothing changes the way you want it. Because you handed him the power to change.

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