Monday, February 23, 2009

Amnesty silent over Hamas encouraging child martyrs

So Amnesty International, once a proud defender of free speech, the right to a fair trial and an open liberal society is now calling for an arms embargo on Israel and Hamas. It calls the rocket attacks by Hamas, and Israel's overwhelming response both illegal and immoral.

The fact Hamas started it is, of course, besides the point.

However, what particularly grates is the political imperative behind Amnesty in making this call. It knows it will go nowhere, primarily because the US wont isolate Israel. Imagine if Israel DID suffer an arms embargo. Might that embolden Iran? Which wants Israel wiped off the map, and is developing a nuclear weapons capability. No, Amnesty is silent about that. Wouldn't Hezbollah then start attacks? No, Amnesty doesn't care about that. Idiot Savant thinks it would help. It's incredibly naive to think that. Hamas is fundamentally evil, it should send shivers through the bones of any liberal minded person in the West to think of such people gaining power - much like neo-Nazis. Sadly, the left just sees someone fighting Israel and turns a blind eye.

More importantly, has Amnesty raised concerns about how Hamas encourages children to be martyrs?

No. Amnesty KNOWS the debate wont be about isolating Hamas and Hezbollah, two organisations that if they ever got into power would be egregious violators of human rights. They would oppress non-Muslims, they would discriminate against women, and brutally suppress non-Islamist politicians, media or speech. Amnesty wont say that.

So fuck them. I'll tell the next naive student who asks me to support Amnesty that I wont as long as it refuses to campaign against Islamism, and while we are at it, it remains next to silent about North Korea's gulags which enslave children.


Anonymous said...

I wish these people were not called matyrs. I have always understood that word to mean people who were killed for their faith not people who kill for their faith. Maybe I'm wrong.
Anyways either way is a stupid reason to die.

Libertyscott said...


ZenTiger said...

The Christian martyr is one who dies for their faith.

When one is killed for ones faith, it is a stupid reason to die, but the stupidity is entirely the blame of the person doing the killing.

Although, stupid isn't really a term that does this justice.

ZenTiger said...

Actually, perhaps I am too subtle.

The statement offered "one who dies for their faith" does not cover the subject in full.

"One who dies *because* of their faith" adds a clarifying dimension.