Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kids having kids?

The Press is reporting that more boys under 15 are becoming dads.

That means either:
- There is a bubble of boys of the pubescent-15 demographic, so it is a statistical blip; OR
- Boys are hornier and more capable of seduction than they used to be; AND
- Girls are hornier and more willing now than they used to be; AND
- Both are getting more stupid and irresponsible.

However while Social Development Minister Paula Bennett expresses concern that:

Children having sex under the age of 16 aren't emotionally or physically ready, and they certainly aren't emotionally or physically ready to be having babies

She's half wrong. While not being emotionally ready is in most cases correct, if they weren't physically ready there presumably wouldn't be a problem would there?

It's just that the creation of childhood and education in the past century and a half (and the vast extension of life expectancy) has delayed when it is generally seen as best to have children. However, the physical capability to breed hasn't been delayed. If anything, improvements in nutrition have been accelerating it!


Shane Pleasance said...

There is a step between having sex and having babies. I had sex before I was 16 (once I think, and admittedly only with myself), but never had babies.
Is there a lack of parental support? Communication? Access to contraception? Giving a shit? Reduction in perception of value of life? Acceptance that someone else will carry the can?

Anonymous said...

Having sex with yourself is not having sex. It is called masturbating. Having sex means a buy penetrating a girl!