Saturday, March 28, 2009

The enemy marches on London

For many protesting the upcoming G20 summit in London, it was a chance to vent frustration at the recession. They are blaming free market economics (where?), the stupid lending behaviour by banks (which they presumably wouldn't want to let fold), and the government for not regulating people borrowing and lending. Reports that it is an unprecedented coalition of various groups are absolute nonsense. It is the usual group of statists, adding a bunch of destroyers (anarchists) as well.

Let's take what some are saying:
Actionaid: "We urge the G20 to lift the veil of secrecy that makes it easy for companies to avoid tax. This would allow developing countries to claim the money that they are owed, so they can use it to build hospitals, dig wells and employ teachers" In other words more government and NO idea about the corruption and theft that developing country governments engage in.
Trade Union Congress: Wants a fairer and greener place. Fair means "take money from those who have it to give to those who don't". Given this organisation spent a good part of its history promoting the progressive Sovietisation of the UK economy, it hardly has credibility.
Save the Children: Wants to take more money from you for the poor. No idea how to create it of course.
Stop Climate Chaos Coalition: Wants to take more money from you to subsidise "green jobs" and "low carbon economies", presumably like Cuba and North Korea. Ignoring how much a recession kills off consumption of carbon based fuels.
Plan: Wants governments to listen to what young people have to say, which typically is "spend more money from the magic money bank", until they get jobs and start appreciating where governments take money from.
Salvation Army: Wants to take more money from you for the poor.
WWF: An organisation you thought was about wildlife, actually wants "equity", so wants more of your money taken.
CND: Wants disarmament, implicitly wants NATO expansion against Russian imperialist threats to stop (I thought it's funding from Moscow ended years ago). Vile sympathisers for authoritarianism.
Stop the War Coalition: Another vile far leftwing sympathiser group for Islamist terrorists.
It has long wanted to leave Iraq to Islamist terror groups, leave Afghanistan to the Taliban, let Israel be overrun by Hizbollah and Hamas and engage in unilateral nuclear disarmament.
British Muslim Initiative: See Stop the War Coalition.

None of this mob say what they want, other than to thieve more with the tax system, and withdraw militarily from the world.

More disconcerting are the anarchists who explicitly call to "Make Capitalism History". These angry little children want to storm banks and start a revolution.

Their "manifesto" is described on a website as follows:

-Can we oust the bankers from power?
-Can we get rid of the corrupt politicians in their pay?
-Can we guarantee everyone a job, a home, a future?
-Can we establish government by the people, for the people, of the people?
-Can we abolish all borders and be patriots for our planet?
-Can we all live sustainably and stop climate chaos? Can we make capitalism history?

The answer are (in theory):
Yes and replace them with your own.
Possibly yes, but it will be none of anyone's choosing.
No, you will establish a new dictatorship.
Yes (good luck with that one)
No, not without a fight.

You see bankers are being advised to dress down and avoid work next week, because the City of London Police and the London Metropolitan Police can't guarantee their safety - nice that.

The G20 will be a waste of time, largely because most politicians there are clueless as to why their own interventions precipated the crisis. However, far more dangerous are the insane destroyers out to destroy capitalism, without having any moral alternative (if any alternative). Hopefully most stay at home, don't do any violence and are largely treated with the contempt they deserve.

Sadly nobody will be protesting as to the grand theft that government have engaged in for years - because those protesting not only agree with government theft through taxes, but want more.


Peace said...

You seem very angry. You should probably address that, or you'll reap the medical consequences.

I don't often comment on things, and haven't read that closely what you've written (great disclaimer I know, but I have no interest in 'trying to win you over to my viewpoint'), but you should have a think about the fact you are saying things like - ActionAid a group who have worked in 'developing' countries for over 30 years have "NO idea about the corruption and theft that developing country governments engage in."
But you do?

I just wanted to post something in case you review something and it might positively affect your life, which would probably only happen if you look at the tight ball of anger in your stomach, and wonder if everybody else has got it wrong...

Libertyscott said...

Peace. Actionaid is calling for more money to be taken in taxes so governments can spend it on delivering services that they are typically appalling at delivering. Governments that cannot protect individual rights and private property rights, that engage in grand larceny of aid funds and waste money on gradious projects (Africa is littered with these thieves masked as "leaders"). Businesses and individuals should be able to protect themselves from the likes of governments thieving from their earnings. Maybe if private property rights were properly protected by non corrupt governments they may get more respect.

Oh and you don't represent "everybody" you represent a noisy leftwing minority who always clamour to make others pay for what you want, but never seem to be able to CONVINCE people through free choice to pay for it.

Put away the gun, use persuasion not force to encourage people to assist the developing world.

Peace said...

I never claimed to represent everybody, nor know better than everybody - simply pointing out where you had.

Your assumptions as to who or what opinions I might represent are similarly far from the mark. I am certainly not leftwing (let alone part of this conspiracy leftwing minority you revel in imagining), however I am compelled to seek the most egalitarian resolution to the financial inequalities inherent within today's global society.

The corrupt leaders in Africa you refer to, are generally provided their support, funding and loans by the World Bank, IMF, big business and/or western governments, rather than these agencies you're attempting to vilify, who actually work on the ground consultatively to understand local issues.

Presumably you're referring to taxes when you talk about government thieving from individuals? Your other points are so generalised, it's hard to know to what you're referring.

I agree with you that government is shockingly bad at meeting it's international development responsibilities - for instance the Millennium Development Goals, however that's no reason not to hold them to account and insist appropriate monitoring is in place to ensure they deliver on their promises.

As you might have thought I was disagreeing with you, and have therefore called me leftwing, I'll hazard a guess you're rightwing, so your 'put away the gun' comment is all the more intriguing!

If I don't reply, I apologise in advance, but I'm glad to see that we seem to have found some common ground over current government not being up to muster.