Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kiwis get a tax cut - what to do with it?

Be grateful for it, although the Standard doesn't get it - a tax cut means you getting more of YOUR money back. It was never the government's in the first place. It hasn't been taken from anyone, it just isn't being taken from YOU anymore.

The left will bleat on about those who effectively pay next to no tax anyway getting no cut, not that the left promised any cuts for them anyway. Instead the left will evade the point that a tax cut is leaving people to have more of their own money, it doesn't "plunder the state" anymore than not being robbed isn't plundering from thieves.

So here is a simple guide for those who oppose the tax cuts. You have only two moral options for the money.

1. Gift all of the tax cut money to the state. You would have preferred it had gone there in the first instance. Don't pretend you're so retarded you need to be forced to pay money to an institution you wish did more, do it by choice; or

2. Gift all of the tax cut money to charities that support the social activities you say you are passionately concerned about. This may be education, health, social care, poverty, international aid, whatever. Then you might see results, the money will be going somewhere YOU care about, and you wont regret the tax cut.

Because, you see, if you oppose tax cuts, you oppose that money of yours being spent on you and your loved ones. You'd be a hypocrite if you didn't donate the lot.

So go on, what are you going to do besides get angry and jealous that richer people earn more than you (pay more tax anyway) and get more of their own money back when any tax is cut?


Nigel Kearney said...

I'm sorry but that's just wrong.

There is nothing hypocritical about advocating a law change that will affect everyone, while acting in your own best interests according to the law as it stands.

Otherwise every libertarian who uses public health or education is a hypocrite.

libertyscott said...

No. I disagree. If you believe the state should be larger and you get given some back and don't spend it on what the state says, you are a hypocrite. If you believe in a smaller state you can't take the money spent on state services back and use it for private provision can you?

Libertarians are forced to pay for public health and education, why shouldn't they use them?