Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be nice if the left were honest

Idiot Savant's two clangers this week:

1). How fair is it to increase taxes on those who don't actually cost the state money? The UK is introducing a new 50% tax rate on earnings over £150,000, he says New Zealand could "do the same" by introducing a 45% rate on earnings over NZ$100,000. Wait a second, did you see that? NZ$100,000 is only £38,000. The new tax rate in the UK is cutting in at NZ$393,000, which in NZ would mean very few taxpayers indeed, because NZ is a low wage (and largely low cost of living) country.

He says "This move would not be contractionary, because the rich tend to stick their money in the bank (or in a housing bubble) rather than spending it." Really? Not term deposits or buying shares or investing in businesses or buying high end consumer goods or travel? What nonsense, where does he get this?

"it will help balance the books while helping to reduce the inequality which is fundamentally harmful to everyone in our society" he says. Why does that inequality exist? Oh yes is it because some people are more successful and entrepreneurial than others, or maybe because a lot of people come out of state schools barely literate, get paid to breed or be lazy, and get sold a philosophy that people get rich unfairly, or that someone owes them a living?

Higher tax rates and this attitude about "equality" sells the philosophy that people who are richer owe everyone else, through the state, more of their income than those who are fiscal failures in life. The real unfairness is the vast underclass of people who spend their lives from unearnt income off the hard work and risks taken by others, ungrateful, expecting more every year, and voting to thieve more from those who pay to keep them alive.

2.) Seeing Sweden as a great example to New Zealand, forgetting of course that its education system is based on vouchers, based on ANYONE being able to set up a school, including private businesses to run them for PROFIT, and parents being able to send their children to any of them, with their tax money flowing to their chosen school.

In other words ACT policy, and far more liberal and competitive than the centrally planned, bureaucratic system he often clamours for.

He ignores criticism of the Swedish health system for chronic waiting lists. A Swedish study in 2004 reports that 77 out of 5,800 heart surgery patients died on the waiting list.

For a bouquet though, he was dead right regarding Damian Green, the Conservative MP who had his office raided and was arrested because he received leaked information that embarrassed the Labour government. The UK Labour government is beyond a joke, is tired, stinking and should go as soon as possible. My only question is whether I'll go before I get a chance to vote the bastards out.


StephenR said...

He's a great voice on human rights and is somewhat handy as a total policy wonk, but his 'eat the rich' (60k plus, or possibly 40k plus after National's 'tax cuts for the rich') rants really make me cringe. Sigh.

James said...

NRT wouldn'y know a human right if it fucked him up the butt....hes a sniveling socialist envy monger and is worth zero attention from people with dignity and the ability to think.

Libertyscott said...

Well yes he CAN be good on human rights, but is also good at attacking them. He clearly is quite smart at some analysis, but is totally let down by group speak on many issues.

He's intellectually bereft on transport for example.

StephenR said...

I'm starting to think some people think there is more than one version of 'human rights' :-D